Bachelor of Arts (Honours in English and Punjabi)

Eligibility :

Students should have cleared +2 examination (any stream) from PSEB or any other equivalent examination recognized by P.U. Chandigarh.

The College offers the following combinations of subjects:

Compulsory Subjects (for all Groups)

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab
  3. Environment Education

Note: Environment Education is the compulsory paper which the candidates are required to pass with at least 33% marks either in the 1st  year or in 2nd  year/3rd year of the Course, failing which the degree will not be issued.

Note : Only those students can opt for History and Culture of Punjab in lieu of Compulsory Punjabi who have passed Matriculation from an institution situated outside Punjab and have passed Matriculation Examination without Punjabi.

Elective Subjects – Choose any three:

  • Elective English / Punjabi / Hindi
  • Economics / Fine Arts
  • History / Music Vocal / Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Psychology / Physical Education / Music Instrumental
  • Home Science / Public Administration
  • Political Science / Office Management & Secretarial Practice
  • Sociology / Computer Science

Note :

  1. As per Panjab University rules, students opting for Practical Subjects cannot appear privately.
  2. Environment Education is compulsory for all the students.
  3. Out of three elective subjects, only two practical subjects are allowed.
  4. In B.A, if a candidate has not qualified 50% papers upto 2nd or 4th semester, she will not be promoted in 3rd and 5th semester respectively.

Honours (English and Punjabi)

In B.A. Semester III the students can opt for Honours in the subjects of English and Punjabi. It is mandatory that the students should have obtained 50% marks in Elective English or Elective Punjabi in B.A. I.