Our Vision

We visualize a world where “growth and development” embody the true meaning of life. A harmonious setting can originate by making optimum use of all human resources. Utopia is possible only when we achieve equality and justice. The first quarter of 21st century stands witness to many ground-breaking changes in terms of gender, race, and class. Many unheard voices have found a platform and the center is being altered every passing day. In spite of such phenomenal transformation in society, some members of the female population are unable to fully utilize the available resources. They have achieved a lot, gained a voice, found a face yet they are unable to break the glass ceiling in which they have found themselves trapped for many centuries. The society should be re-framed in a manner where principles like trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, and mutual respect are fostered.

With this prophetic vision, GNKCW works towards making of a mutually-caring community.

We believe that empowering women to participate fully across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internally-agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families, and the whole civilization.

Our Mission

Value Based Job Oriented Education

The aim of our institution is not only to impart thorough knowledge of various subjects to students but also to make them socially conscious human beings, with an understanding of the basic human values. At GNW, our endeavor is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the wholesome growth of the student. Here, the focus is on academics, but not sans moral values.

The college organizes multifarious activities such as Webinars/Workshops/ Extension Lectures where the students get to interact with experts from various fields. This results in knowledge enrichment and helps in prepping them for their careers.

Emphasis on technical know-how and skill enhancement is intrinsic to our pedagogy.

We also value the importance of literary and cultural aesthetics as these preserve our culture and are pivotal in the process of character-building. Sharing of cultural and literary knowledge makes us responsible beings, who can co-exist and grow contiguously.

Participation in awareness drives instills a strong civic sense among the students, along with the feelings of team effort and social service.