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National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The basic objective of the NSS is to arouse and enrich the social consciousness of students. The scheme is intended to provide an opportunity to students to engage in constructive social action, programmes, develop co-operative team spirit and gain skills in democratic leadership quality.

Programme Officers:
 Dr. Neetu Prakash
 Mrs. Satwant Kaur


Report of International Yoga Day Celebrations 2021-2022
Report of International Yoga Day Celebrations 2022-2023


NSS  Reports
S.No. Session Document Link
1. 2022-2023 (Even Semester) View PDF
2. 2022-2023 (Odd Semester) View PDF
3. 2021-2022 (Quarter IV) View PDF
4. 2021-2022 (Quarter III) View PDF
5. 2021-2022 (Quarter II) View PDF
6 2021-2022 (Quarter I) View PDF
7. 2020-2021 View PDF
8. 2019-2020 View PDF
9. 2018-2019 View PDF