Scholarships & Financial Assistance


The College provides Scholarships & Concessions to the deserving students of the institution. These efforts not only help and reward deserving students, but also inculcate in them a drive o perform better.

College provides Fatherless Beti Scholarship under which a fatherless girl can achieve 30% concession in her college tuition fee. Besides this, College also provide Jas-Sukh Scholarship to the economically weaker students, so that, they can concentrate on their studies, without any stress.

The College is duly registered at National Scholarship Portal. Students may also apply for various Central & State Government Scholarship by registering themselves.

The Scholarship Committee, acts as an intermediary between various scholarship providers and financial backward students. The college maintains liaison with College Authorities, Panjab University Authorities and Outside Per-sonnets for availing scholarship opportunities for benefit of deserving students. A large number of the deserving students apply for various types of scholarships.

List of Scholarships

Financial Assistance

Fee Concession
Students in need of financial assistance may apply on the prescribed form available at the Administration Office and submit to Mrs. Manmeet Kaur(Assoc Prof., Dept. of Business Administration and Commerce) within 2 Months from the date of taking admission .

Until the fee concession is sanctioned all fees must be paid by the student. A refund of payments made at the beginning of the year may be subsequently claimed if the concession is sanctioned.

Fee Concession to Fatherless Betis

The noble task of granting scholarship in the name of former General Secretary of the college Governing Body, Prof. Gurbir Singh Sarna to Fatherless Betis of the college has been initiated.  Under this program, students are awarded scholarships by the college authorities to provide equitable education to all the students.

Book Bank Scheme
A Book Bank Scheme is in operation for needy students. The application form in this respect is available from the Librarian.

For any assistance, Please contact:-


  • Dr. Balbir Kaur
  • Mrs. Manmeet Kaur
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