Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities are academic disciplines that study various aspects of human society and culture. The primary goal of this branch of knowledge is to encourage self-reflection that, in turn, helps develop personal consciousness. It is a unique field where society and its institutions can be constructively studied. Such studies, if pursued with interest and solemnity, can result in laying the foundations of new and more effective social institutions.

Humanities and Social Sciences program of our college offers multifarious subjects/ subject combinations to the students. Each one of these subjects will enable the students to qualify as well as quantify their observations of society.

We proudly proclaim that our college offers a large variety of subjects, allowing students to develop a broader base for comprehension. Under this discipline, the college tenders the following courses:

  1. B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
  2. M.A. (English)
  3. PGDMC (Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication)

A highly trained faculty and value-based job-oriented method of imparting education collectively provide an opportune environment for our students to grow. We are dedicated to make our students independent and well-groomed individuals who can participate in nation-building and render possible a positive transfiguration of the social order.